Hand crafted leather handbags by Ann V. Brown, located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.
The leather I use is a durable, soft, American cowhide, drum-dyed and waterproofed. All zippers and seams are double stitched for added strength. The straps are adjustable inside the bag, up to 60”, in length. I build my bags to endure years and years of daily use. Custom orders are welcome. Please call me or email me with any questions or requests. Thank you!
                            Ann , 206-783-4286      brownbags@comcast.net
Brown Bags album
Pyramid Bag
Pyramid Bag.10x10x8.5
2 interior pkts. $106.00
Leah Bag. 15x13.5x5.
3 interior pkts. $120.00
Medium Bucket Bag.3 interior pkts.11.5x10.5x5 pktspockets11.5x9x5.Adjj
Leah Bag
Anna Bag
Anna Bag. 18x6x3.5.
3 interior pkts. $108.00
East West Bag.13x8x3.5.
3 interior pkts.
Baby Bucket Bag. 8x7x3.
1 interior pocket. $45.00
Anna Bag.18x6x3.5.
3 interior pockets
Small Bucket bag. 10x8x4.5. 1 interior pocket
Lg. Bucket bag.$103.00 13x13x6.5. 3 interior pkts
3 interior pkts
 Flap bag $54.00 7x8.5x2
XL Pocket Bag 13x12.5x2.5, $84.00
4 interior pockets.$98.00
Day&Night Bag 10x5x2.5 $29.00
Flower Power Bag. $24.00 5x5.5
Passporter,$34.00, 5x6
$39.00, 5x8 , 3 pkts pkts.interiorpockets
Md. Pocket Bag,$71.00
11.5x9x3  3 inside pkts
Sm.Pocket bag, $49.00
10x7x3, 1 inside pkt.
Pyramid Bag
Day&Night bag
Flap bag